5 E-Commerce Website Planning Tips for 2012

27 February 2012
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It’s the new year and you’re seeing success with your e-commerce website. Search engines are always changing, but the past few months has seen more upheaval than most. How can you continue to build upon your success while playing by Google & Bing’s new rules? These simple website planning tips will get you started:

-Keyword House Cleaning
Eliminating general and low-traffic target keywords from your organic SEO and PPC campaigns is a great first step in readying your store for the new year. You may find that you were focusing on terms that were simply not making any money for your business.

-Get Social With It
Social Media Marketing for e-Commerce is paying off for business who took the plunge early. It can seem intimidating at first, but social media sharing and posting will seem more than worth your time when you see the positive referral traffic and link-building potential.  B2C e-commerce sites can benefit greatly from Twitter, Facebook & other new sites, while B2B updates on LinkedIn can prove beneficial for industrial companies.

-Content Is Still King
If your site doesn’t yet have a blog area, you have work to do. Compelling content catches visitor traffic and leaves viewers with something to share. Any type of business will benefit from targeted content creation and recent studies have demonstrated that business blogging dramatically increases lead generation for B2B sites.

-Are You Mobile Friendly?
According to TruAxis, 44% of ecommerce retailers are increasing their mobile efforts. Mobile shopping is expected to grow from 2% of overall retail in 2011 to 7% by 2016. Be ready with a mobile-friendly version of your site and mobile PPC ads.

-Think Local
Reach buyers in your area by planning your site’s marketing around local search.  Make sure your site is present on any and all local review boards and directories. Post local promotions on your social portals. Local extensions on your AdWords help carry over the campaign from your on-site efforts.