New Facebook Ads for Small Businesses

12 March 2012
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If you’ve been away from tech news, you may have missed Facebook’s Marketing Conference. Held Feb 29th, this first-ever event’s focus was on Advertising and Marketing on Facebook. The company used the event to unveil several new features for brands and businesses, including Facebook Timeline for Business.

One of the more important features announced was an upgrade to Facebook’s Ads program. In describing the new programs, Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg explained the types of interactions Facebook wants to create: “Most of what you did online before Facebook is talking at your customers, that will no longer work. People don’t expect to be talked at anymore. They want to be a full part of the conversation.”

Facebook Marketing

In fitting with this theme, Facebook unveiled two great new features for small and local businesses: Offers and Reach Generator.


The best new small business feature is called Offers. Any brand or company can create an Offer to share a discount or promotion with fans just as easily as they can create a status update. After an offer is posted onto your Timeline, fans can claim it and use it online or at your brick-and-mortar store. But wait, the best part is that Offers are free to create, claim and post. Offers make great Sponsored Stories (a form of FB ads that display right in a fans news feed).

Reach Generator

The Reach Generator system lets advertisers pay a fixed rate to guarantee their ad will be seen by 75% of their fans, as opposed to the 15% who engage with a businesses brand page. The flat fee differentiates this program from the standard pay-per-click or pay-per-impression ad service Facebook already offers. Expect to see


There are now more ways than ever to engage with your business’s fans on Facebook. Share your story and become an integral part of your customers lives.


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