Pittsburgh Inbound Marketing - PIC & HubSpot

As the Avengers partnered recently to take down mutual enemy Ultron in the box office hit, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Pittsburgh Internet Consulting and HubSpot have partnered to spread the wealth of Inbound Marketing. While we may not be fighting super-villains – not on company time, at least – we are putting to rest the old, 90s and early millennium ways of SEO, and introducing a new and improved Pittsburgh Internet Consulting to the world.

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Is your website a member of your sales team?

Would you rather have a sales person that prospects or one that waits for the phone to ring?  If you are eager to grow your business, you absolutely want sales reps that prospect and close business.

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Facebook's War on "Like Farms"

Facebook is taking big steps in attempting to rid itself of a growing nuisance that has been leeching off of them for years. If you’ve done business through Facebook, namely if you’ve advertised with the social media platform, you may have noticed your business – or other businesses – hitting sky-high “likes” in a short amount of time. Wanting to emulate those results, maybe you’ve tried to re-construct your advertising strategy to match those of "successful" competitors' pages.

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Client Visit: PIC @ BusinesSuites Grant Street

At Pittsburgh Internet Consulting, we are fortunate to have diverse clients in various industries, and with that diversity comes the challenge of understanding and marketing all the products and services our clients provide in order to best articulate their appeal.  Recently, Robb Luther and I visited one of our clients, BusinesSuites on Grant Street in downtown Pittsburgh, which is an office center that offers premium executive office suites, virtual office services, and meeting rooms to entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes all over the United States.  Pittsburgh BusinesSuites is located in the BNY Mellon Center with close to 100 ready-to-rent offices with customizable leasing options.  

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Create XML Sitemap: Free Spreadsheet XML Sitemap Generator

I've been doing SEO for 15 years and its always changing. One thing that never changes is that often the tools you find to "make your life easier" are built in a way that is too complex for small to medium sized businesses OR the tool doesnt have the flexibility you need.  One area where this has come into play is generating an XML sitemap for Google.  Which is why I had someone on my team build this simple XML sitemap generator for excel.  

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Increase Sales with Buyer Personas: Connecting with Buyers

So, your marketing team has formed a buyer persona that's really thorough and specific. After delving into stats and demographic information on current buyers/leads and using their understanding of your company’s product or service, marketing has formed these fictitious customers that detail the ideal candidates for your products or services. Everything from age and job position to how these customers find answers to their problems are detailed in these personas. The marketing department has done an excellent job, and there’s no need to change or alter anything about them, right? I mean, how could we possibly get more specific information?

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Using Online Videos for Content Marketing

I am not going to stand on my soap box and tell you, "Video is the answer to all your content marketing needs."  

I am not going to shoot forth legendary (mythical) statistics like, "Images are processed by the human brain 60,000 times faster than text."

What I will say is that if you are working seriously on a strong content strategy, you need to consider the relevancy of video. You need to consider if it is a good format to deliver or augment the delivery of your information.

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What an Apple/Google Search Split Means for SEO

Google should probably just change their company slogan to “I don’t know… just Google it.” That’s the response you get when you can’t think of a tip-of-the-tongue fact and no one in the room can help you find the answer. The brand has become synonymous with the term “search engine” over the past decade and has continued to overshadow Yahoo, Bing, and every other competitor in the industry.

But lately, they’ve hit a bit of a rough patch when it comes to maintaining their place as the default search engine for some pretty important browsers not named Chrome.

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Does Your Business Still Need PPC Marketing?

Yes.  {end of blog post}

I hear business owners consistently skimp, cut or eliminate their pay-per-click advertising budget on a regular basis.  The idea of paying each time a user clicks on your advertisment when there is free search traffic available causes some marketers to shy away from this important inbound marketing channel.  Let me tell you that in my fifteen years doing online marketing consulting, search pay-per-click has always measured as the best paid advertisement to gain new customers.  It consistently beats banners, sponsorships, e-newsletter sponsorships to name a few.  The only channels that PPC does not out perform is organic search and e-mail marketing to your own cultivated list. These same marketers will spend $30K to take a team to a trade show and never count the leads generated.  A similar investment in a properly run pay-per-click campaign will generate more new prospects nearly every time.

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Buyer Persona Marketing - Why It Works

Defining the Buyer Persona

Remember when you were a kid, and your favorite thing to do was play house, or school, or army rangers? Any kind of pretend game was fun because it allowed you and your friends to be an imagined form of a person you admired and wanted to emulate. Buyer personas are essentially the same as playing pretend, only a more “grown-up” version. HubSpot defines a buyer persona as “a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers." But just how does this help your digital marketing efforts? Well, let’s play pretend!

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