Check all the Boxes, Pittsburgh Online Marketing Step 1

So your Pittsburgh business has a shiny new website and you are very proud.  You worked with someone and you've built a nice website. You are ready to run your business and need to make sure everyone can find you online. Whether you own a restaurant, a law firm, or sell office furniture you need to make sure web users can find you everywhere they look.  The first step is simple. Just check all the boxes...

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Social Media Marketing Revolution: Google-Twitter Partnership

Twitter’s everywhere. Literally everywhere. Turn on ESPN, American Idol, or whatever you like to watch and see how often that little bird pops up with a new #hashtag for viewers. Even when commercials run, your favorite brands are aiming to be the next talked about “trending” topic. All this from a social media platform that limits you to 140 characters.

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6 Lessons Learned At A Digital Marketing Firm

There are stark differences between studying a field and practicing it. During my first month with Pittsburgh Internet Consulting (PIC), I was somewhat surprised at the reality of the industry. Here are 6 lessons I learned during my first 30 days at PIC:

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Are you maximizing your email marketing strategy?

Many people think that email marketing is outdated compares to new media channels like Facebook and Twitter. However, the statistics below will show that email marketing remains an effective marketing channel but it is an underdeveloped tool in business.

  • The number of email users are expected to grow 12% from 2.5 billion users to 2.8 billion users. (Radicati – Email Statistics Report 2013-2017)
  • Emails are 40x effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook & Twitter (McKinsey & Company - Why marketers should keep sending you emails)
  • Email marketing has 56% responding rate compares to 37% rate of social media marketing (Digital Information World – Crafting the perfect email)

Now that your trust for email marketing is reinforced from the statistics above, let’s talk about the elements of an effective email marketing campaign.

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Hey Restaurants, are your events being maximized?

As a restaurateur, events can be a very lucrative part of your business strategy. They bring a lot of people into your establishment and also create an appeal that makes people want to come back. Are you doing everything you can to maximize your event marketing?

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Make Compelling Content Not Bait & Switch BS

A catchy title.

It seems like that is what most content marketing boils down to.

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For a small company, are cold calls effective?

I was involved in a discussion about cold calls in one of my LinkedIn groups last year about the effectiveness of cold calls. It is a very interesting topic and one of the most in depth I have seen in the group. I think it is such a popular topic because it pits the “Old School” ideas vs. the neophyte zealots of the new “Inbound Marketing” school.

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Lead Tracking - The Holy Grail for Marketers

So as a marketer, both in the agency setting and in the small business setting, one of the most beautiful things is quality lead tracking. Good lead tracking measures the sources to your message and the method your market uses to engage your company.

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Off-Menu Social Media: A Restaurant's Guide to Facebook Marketing

The Appetizer: A Quick Introduction for a Quick Guide

There was a time, years and years ago now, where only tech companies and college student-run startup companies used Facebook to connect with their target audience. Not long after that, everyone and their grandma were using Facebook.

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A Dish Well Prepared: The Three Most Effective Social Media Channels for Restaurants

Creating a Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare account for your business is as easy as maintaining your personal account.

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