• 6 Lessons Learned At A Digital Marketing Firm

    22 January 2015

    Lesson learned at PIC There are stark differences between studying a field and practicing it.  During my first month with Pittsburgh Internet Consulting (PIC), I was somewhat surprised at the reality of the industry.  Here are 6 lessons I learned during my first 30 days at PIC:


    At PIC, our clients are involved in all steps of the campaign.

    If there is a problem, we engage our clients in conversation to understand their perspective.  We analyze the situation from a marketer’s point of view and define the perimeter allowed to solve the problem.  Then we negotiate an action plan with the client to ensure mutual understanding.  Apply the plan and finally, evaluate the results for feedback.

    Our clients are our partners every step of the way.

    Busy Work

    PIC employees are not engaged in “busy work”.  We’re paid to produce quality work that could help the success of a project and the success of the agency as a whole.

    Every task, no matter how big or small, is a foundation for the next step of the project.  To ensure the success of a campaign, we are all accountable for the quality of our work.  Otherwise, the result is time wasted in correcting or redoing a project.

    Time Management

    PIC bosses do not micromanage because it should be unnecessary to micromanage competent professionals.  There is trust that one can manage him/herself and I learned to keep track of my time and my progress.  I walk into the office everyday knowing that I have the freedom to balance my daily schedule in a way that is feasible and enjoyable for me.

    Job Security

    I used to believe that job security was getting a job that you could never be fired from.  After working in corporate and transitioning into the marketing field, I accepted the hard truth that anything and anyone is replaceable.  It is the reality of the business world and the marketing world specifically.  The competition is fierce!

    The only possible way of having “job security” is to make sure you are a competitive advantage by being informed and contributing to the team’s success.


    Coming from a Marketing background with a focus in Public Relations, I was a newbie in the digital marketing game.   As a Digital Marketing Assistant, I was given the opportunity to learn about Search Engine Optimization, Brand Page Optimization, Basic Coding and a lot more.

    These assignments stretched me beyond my comfort zone, but I gained valuable insights and skills in working through the challenges.  To me, this is the first step in achieving mastery of the field.  I often remind myself that the more I learn now, the better I will be as a consultant later on.

    As Jeff, PIC President, said in a conversation, “As a marketing consultant, you gotta keep learning new materials.  The moment you stop learning is the moment you stop being a consultant.”


    In a social world, speed is crucial for a company to maintain its brand and gain customer exposure to its services and products.  With the internet and new technology, interaction between a customer and the business is instantaneous.  Traditional marketing was not meant for a time like ours.  Digital marketing with a social component is a perfect choice because it can protect and enhance a brand.

    I believe that lessons like these are best learned by experience.  As I continue to grow and assume more responsibilities at PIC, I hope to share many more interesting thoughts & experiences with you.


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  • Are you maximizing your email marketing strategy?

    2 January 2015

    Email Marketing

    Many people think that email marketing is outdated compares to new media channels like Facebook and Twitter.  However, the statistics below will show that email marketing remains an effective marketing channel but it is an underdeveloped tool in business.

    • The number of email users are expected to grow 12% from 2.5 billion users to 2.8 billion users. (Radicati – Email Statistics Report 2013-2017)
    • Emails are 40x effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook & Twitter (McKinsey & Company – Why marketers should keep sending you emails)
    • Email marketing has 56% responding rate compares to 37% rate of social media marketing (Digital Information World – Crafting the perfect email)

    Now that your trust for email marketing is reinforced from the statistics above, let’s talk about the elements of an effective email marketing campaign.

    • Personalize the subject in an email – Users are 22% more likely to open an email when addressed by their first name on the subject line i.e. “Hi Mary!”. (Marketing Prof – 10 Email Best Practices)
    • Keep the subject line short and sweet. Compares to subject lines with less than 28 characters or over 39 characters, subject lines with 28-39 characters have the highest open rates and click rates of 12.2% & 4% respectively.  (Digital Information World – Crafting the perfect email)
    • Include images and/or videos to grasp attention. Use smaller size images to ensure a smooth user experience.
    • Craft short paragraphs that are direct because email users are not looking for an essay!
    • Don’t forget a clear call to action! If you want to create the urgency, be sure to use appropriate wordings.  There’s a difference between “Call Now” and “Call Anytime”!

    Marketing campaigns are insufficient without a tool to track and analyze results.  We recommend using Google Analytics in addition to or in place of MailChimp for tracking purposes.

    These are some tips that you can use to start your own email marketing strategy or enhance your current one.  At PIC, we believe that if email marketing is utilized properly, it can provide new leads and additional revenue for your business.

    If you are wondering if email marketing is a good fit for your business, contact us for a free consultation.  You can call at 412-942-0222 or fill out the inquiry form here.

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  • Experience Inbound Marketing

    21 October 2014
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    Inbound Marketing Pittsburgh

    So you are a marketing person and you have heard of inbound marketing. You know it deals with content and attracting buyers to your website like honey but you aren’t sure how effective it is or if its just a bunch of hype.

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  • Hey Restaurants, are your events being maximized?

    7 October 2014
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    As a restaurateur, events can be a very lucrative part of your business strategy. They bring a lot of people into your establishment and also create an appeal that makes people want to come back. How can you maximize your events to bring in the most attendees?

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  • Make Compelling Content Not Bait & Switch BS

    2 October 2014
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    Write Compelling Content

    A catchy title. It seems like that is what most content marketing boils down to. I guess I can see why. It is the title’s sole job to lure in the unsuspecting prospect to crave your content like an apocalyptical zombie craves brain cells.

    We lure them in with some juicy title and swap our content piece for their email. Sadly, it seems that there are many “content” pieces out there that really fall short on compelling content. Lets look at this from your audiences’ perspective.

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