4 Small Business SEO Tips I Ignored to Grow Traffic [Case Study]

There is a ton of small business SEO tips on the internet. That’s because anyone with a website can call themselves an internet marketing and SEO expert.

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How to Setup a Google Adwords Campaign [Success in 10 Steps]

The question I often get asked is “how can I get more out of Google Adwords.

It is actually pretty straight forward.

You just need to get the right traffic (by choosing the right keywords) and you need a great landing page that is relevant to what the person searched for.

Often times I audit Adwords accounts for prospective clients and I see the same mistakes being made over and over again. 

  1. Businesses that send all of their adwords traffic to their website’s homepage rather than targeted landing pages.
  2. Broad match keywords that eat up your budget quicker than you can charge your customers.
  3. Campaigns that aren’t monitored or optimized on a regular basis.
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Local Business Listing Sites: An Extensive Guide to Building Local Citations

As a local business owner, I am sure you have been told you need business listings (aka local citations) in directories.

But here is the problem…


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Marketing Qualified Lead Cost & Value - Why It Matters

Whether you are an industrial B2B company with a dedicated marketing team, or a small business managing your own marketing strategy, there are two important elements you must be aware of: your lead cost and your lead value. Your lead cost and lead value play a big role in managing a successful online industrial marketing budget. But, what exactly is lead cost and lead value? How do you identify them? And why are they important to a marketing budget? 

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Image SEO: Best Practices for SEO Friendly Images

Using images on your website and blog posts serve many purposes.  I mean, how boring would it be to go to a web page and just see words on a white screen.  Blah. 

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How to Gain Traffic from Google to Your Business Website with SEO Meta Tags

A few years ago a client texted me about one of his favorite pizza shops. He knew the owners pretty well and asked why their shop wouldn’t come up when he searched Google – even when he was close by.

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3 Easy Ways to Start Having Customers Leave Google Reviews

As a business owner, you probably already understand that online reviews are important to your business.

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Meet The New Anchor App: Is this the next big social media marketing tool?

Radio by the people. That’s how the newest social media app, Anchor, is being pitched to the public since February 2016. Currently only available on iOS, Anchor is tapping into the newest, quickest, and most personal way internet users are using social media, today – voice. The question is: how will the “world’s first true public radio” affect social media marketing


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