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Are you maximizing your email marketing strategy?

Email Marketing | 2 minute read

Email Marketing

Many people think that email marketing is outdated compares to new media channels like Facebook and Twitter. However, the statistics below will show that email marketing remains an effective marketing channel but it is an underdeveloped tool in business.

  • The number of email users are expected to grow 12% from 2.5 billion users to 2.8 billion users. (Radicati – Email Statistics Report 2013-2017)
  • Emails are 40x effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook & Twitter (McKinsey & Company - Why marketers should keep sending you emails)
  • Email marketing has 56% responding rate compares to 37% rate of social media marketing (Digital Information World – Crafting the perfect email)

Now that your trust for email marketing is reinforced from the statistics above, let’s talk about the elements of an effective email marketing campaign.

  • Personalize the subject in an email – Users are 22% more likely to open an email when addressed by their first name on the subject line i.e. “Hi Mary!”. (Marketing Prof – 10 Email Best Practices)
  • Keep the subject line short and sweet. Compares to subject lines with less than 28 characters or over 39 characters, subject lines with 28-39 characters have the highest open rates and click rates of 12.2% & 4% respectively. (Digital Information World – Crafting the perfect email)
  • Include images and/or videos to grasp attention. Use smaller size images to ensure a smooth user experience.
  • Craft short paragraphs that are direct because email users are not looking for an essay!
  • Don’t forget a clear call to action! If you want to create the urgency, be sure to use appropriate wordings. There’s a difference between “Call Now” and “Call Anytime”!

Marketing campaigns are insufficient without a tool to track and analyze results. We recommend using Google Analytics in addition to or in place of MailChimp for tracking purposes.

These are some tips that you can use to start your own email marketing strategy or enhance your current one. At PIC, we believe that if email marketing is utilized properly, it can provide new leads and additional revenue for your business.

If you are wondering if email marketing is a good fit for your business, contact us for a free consultation. You can call at 412-942-0222 or fill out the inquiry form here.

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