Brittany Jackson

Brittany joined Pittsburgh Internet Consulting in November 2014 after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. Brittany is PIC's Social Media Specialist and one of our Content Developers.
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Meet The New Anchor App: Is this the next big social media marketing tool?

19 May 2016 | Social Media Marketing | 2 minute read

Radio by the people. That’s how the newest social media app, Anchor, is being pitched to the public since February 2016. Currently only available on iOS, Anchor is tapping into the newest, quickest, and most personal way internet users are using soci...

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9 Social Media Marketing Tips to Build a Better Brand

08 Apr 2016 | Social Media Marketing | 10 minute read

If you went to the coffee shop this morning and didn’t post a picture on Instagram, did it even happen? Whether you like it or not, social media has quickly taken over our lives whether you work in social media marketing or not. Everyone now has the ...

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SEO Copywriting Tips to Convert Website Visitors into Leads

23 Mar 2016 | SEO | 4 minute read

Publishing content continues to be one of the most popular and effective forms of lead generation in digital marketing today. Though many companies have adjusted their digital marketing plans to include content development, a lot of companies in the ...

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Create Your Online Industrial Marketing Goals for 2016

08 Jan 2016 | Inbound Marketing, Conversion Optimization | 4 minute read

My New Year’s resolution was to “make it to the gym for an hour, 3 times a week in 2016.” But that was also my resolution in 2015. Okay, fine – it’s been the same for three years now. What can I say, I like Netflix. 

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How Social Media Helps With Your Brand Perception

21 Dec 2015 | Social Media Marketing | 5 minute read

Some of the biggest news in Pittsburgh this December was the release of Penguins Head Coach Mike Johnston. After less than satisfactory results, though not a terrible standing in the NHL Metropolitan Division, Johnston was relieved of the position on...

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How to Run a Facebook Contest

23 Nov 2015 | Social Media Marketing | 4 minute read

Earlier this year, there were 1.4 billion active Facebook users around the world. The easy access to so many users’ timelines makes Facebook the perfect place for businesses to engage with their audience. Over the past few years, businesses using Fac...

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Content Development: The Game of Buyers

30 Oct 2015 | Inbound Marketing | 5 minute read

Would you be willing to read something you didn’t understand? Let’s say I worked for a security company – would you read my case study about the connection between home security and insomnia? You would most likely scan the body of the text first, kee...

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Millennial Marketing: From a Millennial Perspective

14 Oct 2015 | Inbound Marketing | 5 minute read

You can’t Google “marketing strategies” without coming across at least one or two posts about the importance of the Millennial consumer. Millennials are being hailed as one of the greatest consumer and workforce powers in the world today. That’s righ...

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