Jeff Schroeffel

Jeff is the owner and one of the lead inbound marketing consultants here at PIC. Jeff started in SEO in 1999 and launched Pittsburgh Internet Consulting in 2001.
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Subject Matter Experts: Why Won't You Write Quality Blog Content?

01 May 2019 | Content Marketing, Jeff | 4 minute read

Great Content Builds Trust and Authority. Its not just an SEO Tool. I've been working in the SEO industry since the days of Altavista, Excite and AOL. It wasn't long after that when the phrase "Content is King" was declared by the search engine optim...

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Marketing Funnel or Flywheel?

19 Sep 2018 | Jeff | 9 minute read

Hubspot Tries to Reinvent “Inbound Marketing” as “Growth Marketing” Is the Funnel Broken?  Hubspot believes the Flywheel is Better. The basic case that Hubspot is making by shifting themselves and their agencies to a flywheel rather than a funnel com...

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Inbound Marketing is a Team Sport, Don't Go It Alone

30 Aug 2018 | Inbound Marketing, Jeff | 7 minute read

When I started doing web marketing in 1999, internet marketers were very much on an island all by themselves.  We were trying to convince web developers and business owners that the web had a ton of potential and if they invested in us and in the web...

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Create XML Sitemap: Free Spreadsheet XML Sitemap Generator

10 Apr 2015 | SEO | 2 minute read

I've been doing SEO for 15 years and its always changing. One thing that never changes is that often the tools you find to "make your life easier" are built in a way that is too complex for small to medium sized businesses OR the tool doesnt have the...

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Does Your Business Still Need PPC Marketing?

17 Mar 2015 | PPC Marketing | 4 minute read

Yes.  {end of blog post} I hear business owners consistently skimp, cut or eliminate their pay-per-click advertising budget on a regular basis.  The idea of paying each time a user clicks on your advertisment when there is free search traffic availab...

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Choosing a Local Inbound Marketing Agency in Pittsburgh

11 Mar 2015 | Inbound Marketing | 3 minute read

Do you need a Local Agency? There are some great advantages to working with an online marketing agency in Pittsburgh, PA or near your location.  First and foremost is the ability to meet in person and be able to establish a direct relationship with t...

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Check all the Boxes, Pittsburgh Online Marketing Step 1

01 Mar 2015 | SEO | 4 minute read

So your Pittsburgh business has a shiny new website and you are very proud.  You worked with someone and you've built a nice website. You are ready to run your business and need to make sure everyone can find you online. Whether you own a restaurant,...

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