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A lifetime resident of Ligonier, Pennsylvania, Robb joined Pittsburgh Internet Consulting as an Internet Marketing Consultant in September 2007. Robb’s work experience covers a full range of website design and development, marketing (both online and off), and training responsibilities.
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Need Your Customers to Remember you? Try talking to them with a Content Strategy

05 Jun 2019 | Inbound Marketing | 4 minute read

Does your company have a Customer Nurture Strategy? There is a good chance that as a company you have a strong list of prospects that didn’t quite pan out. For companies that have been around a decade or more, this is especially true. At some point i...

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The Marketing Case for Call Tracking

28 Feb 2019 | Content Marketing | 5 minute read

Tracking inbound leads is a core function of an effective marketing department. It’s interesting when I run into company owners and managers who do not value the inbound phone call or dismiss it as an insignificant part of the lead picture.

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Marketing Qualified Lead Value & Cost - Why It Matters

12 Jul 2017 | Inbound Marketing | 5 minute read

Whether you are an industrial B2B company with a dedicated marketing team, or a small business managing your own marketing strategy, there are two important elements you must be aware of: your lead cost and your lead value. Your lead cost and lead va...

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Conversion Tracking - Why You Need More Conversion Opportunities

18 Nov 2015 | Conversion Optimization | 2 minute read

People are not cookie cutter replicas of one another - something many website managers forget. I can’t tell you how many times someone has told me about the actions of their website visitors based on their own browsing habits.

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Ready for a new website? Why you might be going about it all wrong.

10 Nov 2015 | Website Design & Development | 2 minute read

Your corporate website was designed maybe two years ago and you feel it's time for an overhaul. Its important to keep up with the times, implement new technology, and stay relevant. You shop around for a few website design companies and have seen som...

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Is your website a member of your sales team?

04 May 2015 | Inbound Marketing | 3 minute read

Would you rather have a sales person that prospects or one that waits for the phone to ring?  If you are eager to grow your business, you absolutely want sales reps that prospect and close business.

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Using Online Videos for Content Marketing

27 Mar 2015 | Content Marketing | 2 minute read

I am not going to stand on my soap box and tell you, "Video is the answer to all your content marketing needs."   I am not going to shoot forth legendary (mythical) statistics like, "Images are processed by the human brain 60,000 times faster than te...

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Hey Restaurants, are your events being maximized?

07 Oct 2014 | Social Media Marketing, Inbound Marketing | 2 minute read

As a restaurateur, events can be a very lucrative part of your business strategy. They bring a lot of people into your establishment and also create an appeal that makes people want to come back. Are you doing everything you can to maximize your even...

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