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So your Pittsburgh business has a shiny new website and you are very proud.  You worked with someone and you've built a nice website. You are ready to run your business and need to make sure everyone can find you online. Whether you own a restaurant, a law firm, or sell office furniture you need to make sure web users can find you everywhere they look.  The first step is simple. Just check all the boxes...

Pittsburgh Reputation Management


Well, maybe its not one step. But it is simple and this stage is your first on a successful inbound marketing effort.  When I say "check all the boxes", what I mean is place your Pittsburgh business online everywhere they let you put it. This list is not comprehensive.  But if you follow this list, you will have a head start on your competion.  In fact, this is your first reputation management effort. So lets get started:

1)  Google My Business - Make sure you have a Google account you will use for your business at and then once that is setup, go to and follow the steps to list and verify your business on Google maps.  Use this verified business page as your business's Google Plus account.  If and when you have an impact video, this Google Plus should also be your Youtube channel.
(as well as your login for Google Analytics and Google Ad Words)

2)  Facebook - Setup a public facebook PAGE for your company.  Do not use a fake person or a personal account, make sure it is a Facebook page

3)  Bing Maps - also known as Bing Places for Business.  Here you will do the same thing you did for Google Places, fill out the form and verify that you own your location here in the 'Burgh

{Keep going, lots more "boxes to check".  You will be glad you went through this list.}

4)  Yelp - As of March 2015, there are three primary places where users will get reviews of your local business: Google, Facebook, and Yelp.  Make sure your yelp page is setup properly.

5)  Foursquare - Sure nobody uses it anymore. But that doesn't mean you still dont want to setup your page there.  Get your business listed on foursquare

6)  Yahoo Local - Ok, I probably should have put Yahoo ahead of foursquare, but your business needs a listing here too.  So submit your local site to Yahoo

Now you should be getting the hang of this submission thing.  Keep checking boxes everytime you see an opportunity to get your business listed online.  Finish out my top ten list of submissions below and keep your eye out for more places to get an online profile for your company.  

7)  Linkedin


9)  Post-Gazette Directory (We select the lowest paid level for our Pittsburgh clients)

10)  Twitter - Even if you aren't sure if you will ever "tweet", get a profile and link it to your website

This "checking boxes" could go on all day.  The next set of directories in this paragraph get a bit trickier. You will need to either purchase the right level for your company or provide them with more detail than the first ten.  Someone at your business or your marketing agency should keep expanding your listings over time. For example: if you are a restaurant, make sure you are on open table.  A law firm, consider the Findlaw directory and/or  Even industrial websites have a directory to call home with Thomasnet and Global Spec. For local businesses, its critical to find any local sites such as our friends in State College, PA.

Now to all you diligent business owners and marketers that are still with me, you have three final boxes to check and then you will have had a great day marketing your site.  These three crucial pieces of your website are simple ways to make sure your local business is found.

Check your <title></title> tag by viewing the source code of your website.  This tag should be 55 characters or less if possible and 70 characters maximum.  Here you should have your business name, category, and your location such as "Pittsburgh SEO Company - Pittsburgh Internet Consulting".

Next, make sure your business address is on every page of your website.  Be sure it is in HTML text and NOT part of an image.  The footer is usually an easy spot to include your address.

Finally, your local phone number should be listed.  If you live here in Pittsburgh, you know we take pride in the 412.  But we also recognize the 724 as a local business. Google, Yahoo and Bing recognize these area codes too.  So make them public on your site and in HTML and not an image.  

I hope you found a couple tips you could use when you read this post.  If not, contact me and i'll be glad to help you brainstorm some other ways to market your site online. If you did find this post useful, please drop me a note in the comments.

Jeff Schroeffel

Jeff is the owner and one of the lead inbound marketing consultants here at PIC. Jeff started in SEO in 1999 and launched Pittsburgh Internet Consulting in 2001.