How to Measure SEO Performance for Results

16 Jun 2020 | SEO, Brad | 22 minute read

Keyword ranking reports are dead!  Well, at least as a KPI for SEO performance. Sure, I know that isn’t like declaring that SEO is dead (I doubt it ever will be), but simply using ranking reports to measure your SEO performance is a thing of the past...

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How Google My Business Can Increase Customer Reviews

25 Oct 2019 | SEO, Reputation Management, Parker | 10 minute read

The days of small local businesses being the underdog are over.  While local businesses will never be able to replicate the ad dollars spent as a national chain or company, Google has helped provide ways for these companies to punch back.

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4 Small Business SEO Tips I Ignored to Grow Traffic [Case Study]

24 Aug 2017 | SEO, Brad | 10 minute read

There is a ton of small business SEO tips on the internet. That’s because anyone with a website can call themselves an internet marketing and SEO expert.

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Local Business Listing Sites: An Extensive Guide to Building Local Citations

13 Jul 2017 | SEO | 16 minute read

As a local business owner, I am sure you have been told you need business listings (aka local citations) in directories. But here is the problem…  

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Image SEO: Best Practices for SEO Friendly Images

16 Jun 2017 | SEO, Trista | 9 minute read

Using images on your website and blog posts serve many purposes.  I mean, how boring would it be to go to a web page and just see words on a white screen.  Blah. 

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How to Gain Traffic from Google to Your Business Website with SEO Meta Tags

21 Mar 2017 | SEO, Brad | 6 minute read

A few years ago a client texted me about one of his favorite pizza shops. He knew the owners pretty well and asked why their shop wouldn’t come up when he searched Google – even when he was close by.

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SEO Copywriting Tips to Convert Website Visitors into Leads

23 Mar 2016 | SEO | 4 minute read

Publishing content continues to be one of the most popular and effective forms of lead generation in digital marketing today. Though many companies have adjusted their digital marketing plans to include content development, a lot of companies in the ...

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Create XML Sitemap: Free Spreadsheet XML Sitemap Generator

10 Apr 2015 | SEO | 2 minute read

I've been doing SEO for 15 years and its always changing. One thing that never changes is that often the tools you find to "make your life easier" are built in a way that is too complex for small to medium sized businesses OR the tool doesnt have the...

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