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Pittsburgh eCommerce Website Development

We create powerful eCommerce websites tailored to your company and audience.


Selling your products online is a must in the 21st century. However, the number of moving pieces involved to get your product ready for purchase can feel daunting. Confusion surrounding platforms, software, transactional data, and the sole ability to manage an eCommerce website leaves some businesses behind the curve. But with the right partner, eCommerce can become a simple, profitable revenue stream for businesses of any size and industry.


eCommerce Solutions for B2C & B2B Companies

The eCommerce world has evolved to encompass a set of solutions that don’t simply stop with a transaction on a website. CRM software, Point-of-Sale systems, and more all fall under the eCommerce umbrella and tie directly to delivering both a clean experience for the customer and an organized, recurring revenue stream for the business.

We partner with businesses to ensure that the right set of solutions are in place to accompany your eCommerce website, then we get to work. Whether you’re a retailer looking to upgrade your current eCommerce site, or a B2B manufacturer looking to add eCommerce functionality, our team is well-equipped to handle the task.

Key eCommerce Development Components

PIC brings our domain knowledge of eCommerce development and Pittsburgh website design to your doorstep, and we’re here to help your company succeed in selling online.

Happy eCommerce Development Clients


eCommerce Development Process

PIC’s eCommerce development process borrows from our Growth-Driven Website Design philosophy where we prioritize important, executable tasks in order to rapidly launch an improved website.

For eCommerce projects, we take additional time upfront to understand all of the tools currently at a company’s disposal (e.g. POS systems, CRM software, etc.) and what needs to happen in order for those tools to seamlessly integrate with the site. Post-launch, we work through Growth-Driven Design laps to add additional non-critical elements to the site that boost performance and functionality.



eCommerce Platform Expertise


Shopify is the ideal choice for company’s seeking a scalable, robust eCommerce platform with a lot of flexibility. Clients who have transitioned to Shopify have all experienced increased online sales and found the interface much easier to use than previous solutions.


WooCommerce is one of the most affordable, widely-used eCommerce platforms on the market due to its companionship with WordPress. It offers paid add-ons and is 100% customizable making it a great option for companies just getting started with an online shop.

Leveraging the eCommerce Ecosystem

To get the full value of your eCommerce investment, your site needs to play well with all of the other digital toolsets your company leverages to conduct business. At Pittsburgh Internet Consulting, we bring additional eCommerce ecosystem expertise to the table which helps clients better manage their eCommerce operations and increase revenue through new avenues.


POS & Inventory Management

Point-of-Sale systems are not all created equal as many are built with brick and mortar in mind before anything else. This causes difficulties in how a POS system and eCommerce site communicate as syncing inventory with online products isn’t seamless. PIC helps clients understand the complexities with their current systems while finding solutions to better manage both their in-store/online inventory.


CRM Software

CRM software allows a business to track individual customers and their detailed history with the company. eCommerce interactions can be tied to a contact’s history and leveraged in other sales and marketing efforts to increase revenue (e.g. ad retargeting, marketing emails, etc.). eCommerce functionality coupled with CRM usage increases the lifetime value of a customer and ROI on your eCommerce investment.

PIC is a HubSpot Platinum Partner and has specialized knowledge of the HubSpot toolset, but we work with clients across various CRM systems.


Tax Solutions

Tax calculations and reporting can get convoluted when it comes to online sales due to tax nexus. And given the likelihood that tax law will change in the future, it oftentimes makes sense to integrate tax solution software into your eCommerce ecosystem. PIC helps ensure these solutions are functioning properly with our client’s eCommerce toolsets.


Internal Adoption of eCommerce Solutions

Additions or changes to eCommerce operations via a new platform or set of tools can sometimes cause distress for internal employees. PIC supports businesses throughout the transition/adoption of new eCommerce tools to ensure employees are comfortable and confident with any new systems.

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