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STARR Life Sciences: Increased Website Lead Generation by 297%

STARR Life Sciences, a leader in innovative small animal research equipment based in Pittsburgh, PA, had an established organic traffic stream and an active PPC campaign when they signed on with PIC in May 2016.

Problem: Increase Website Lead Generation

While PIC’s inbound marketing and SEO strategy increased both organic and PPC traffic, the major focus was lead generation. Our goal was to increase their sales opportunities and fill their sales pipeline by converting website visitors into leads. 

PIC Services: Add Call-To-Actions to Website Product Page

To accomplish this, we started by adding CTA’s (Call to Actions) to their product pages. 

Prior to working with PIC, STARR Life Science’s website had only 2 methods on contacting a sales representative on the website: Contact Form and Phone Number, and neither one was being tracked in Google Analytics.

Solutions: Add Free Recorded Demo Call-To-Action

The first two tasks we set out to complete were to include CTA's for a free recorded demo of their most popular product and record lead conversions in Google Analytics. After the first four months of offering a product demo to their visitors, STARR Life Sciences had 77 leads for their most popular product.

Results: Increased Lead Generation

After this success, we started adding CTAs for all their products as well as tracking phone calls, contact form submissions and online chat sessions, all which led to an increase in website leads by 279%.

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"I have been working with Jeff Schroeffel of Pittsburgh Internet Consulting for only a year and in that time our internet sales have more than doubled. I would highly recommend his services. He sits down with me on a bi-monthly basis to review our success and propose other creative ways to increase traffic. We are able to track every dollar spent and exactly where my sales are coming from. It is like no other advertising medium. I am very excited for continued growth in the upcoming years and highly recommend Jeff''s services."

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