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Premium Content Portfolio Piece: Classic Corvette Buyer's Guide

Hobby Car Corvettes has been a long-time client of Pittsburgh Internet Consulting. In 2014, PIC teamed up with RJ from Hobby Car to create a premium content piece that aimed to give site visitors a useful article while simultaneously turning them into leads. 

Problem: Create an Informative Buyer's Guide to Promote Products

The premium piece needed to accomplish two specific things: one was giving users a relevant piece of content enticing enough for them to exchange a small bit of contact information for the download, and the other goal was to look the part. Classic car owners pride themselves on not only the performance of their cars, but their appearance as well, and we used that same mindset when creating the Buyer's Guide.

PIC Services: Design an Aesthetically Pleasing Guide

Pittsburgh Internet Consulting created a guide for Hobby Car that leverages RJ's expertise of classic Corvettes and extends it to the reader. It's a worthwhile document for anyone who is thinking about purchasing one of these cars. As previously mentioned, aesthetics were incredibly important as well, so we used large, high-definition photos to not only captivate readers but also paint a portrait of the Hobby Car facility and its massive, well-kept inventory.


Solutions: Adding Images to Improve Buyer's Guide

Throughout the guide, PIC used iconography to illustrate the points made within the content. The images played a vital part in communicating information as well as helping to break up lengthy paragraphs and blocks of text into a more readable format.

Results: Bringing the Buying Process to the Customer

Most importantly, Pittsburgh Internet Consulting and Hobby Car Corvettes brought the buying process to the consumer in this guide. With a variety of images and their life-like quality, the website visitor could feel like they were walking around the Hobby Car lot rather than simply reading an article. If you would like to see the full guide for yourself, head on over to the Hobby Car Corvettes site to get your download.

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