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SOS Inventory to WooCommerce Inventory Synchronization

Rock N Rescue provides gear and equipment designed for confined space entry, fall protection, industry, rescue, window cleaning, police and military tactical teams, water rescue, fire departments, and emergency medical services, and many more. They have a wide variety of products that meets a long list of industries.  

  • Company: Rock N Rescue   
  • Problem: Needed more precise online product inventory management   
  • Solution: Integrate WooCommerce to SOS Inventory
  • Improvements: Accurate Stock Information, Seamlessly update stock, SKUs, prices, and more
  • Tools Used: WordPress, WooCommerce, SOS Inventory  

Problem: Rock N Rescue lacked efficient online inventory management  

Rock N Rescue used WordPress and WooCommerce to satisfy their online presence and complete their e-commerce needs. However, they were running into problems managing their products stock. The inventory available to them on the backend of their business was not matching the WooCommerce stock.  

PIC Services: Integrating WooCommerce SOS Inventory Management  

PIC worked with Rock N Rescue to install WooCommerce SOS Inventory Management. Using the client's WooCommerce API, PIC worked with their design and development team to sync the accounts, creating a product database in the SOS Inventory plug-in. The database is set to sync all SOS changes to WooCommerce, and vice versa, so that any time a product is sold online, it immediately updates the number of items in stock.  

Solutions: WooSOS Integrations allows clients the freedom to update their inventory  

Rock N Rescue also used the SKU and price editor on the back end of WooSOS. In these tabs, the client can update variables such as the product ID, SKU, sales price, online sales price, and whether or not the product should sync to WooCommerce. This allows seamless changes to show up online and update immediately on the front and back ends. SOS also has an app that is iOS compatible.



Results: Rock N Rescue is able to communicate real time inventory levels from SOS Inventory to their WooCommerce website. 

With the help of PIC, Rock N Rescue now has a more manageable and instant way to match their online sales to the actual inventory that they have in stock. WooSOS allows a much easier ability to promote, remove, or create online sales based on availability. 


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