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227% increase in mobile transactions after responsive website redesign

The Shoe Spa is a luxury women’s shoe store located in Florida. Being an e-commerce company, The Shoe Spa needed an appealing and user-friendly website design that would attract its target audience to its products and increase their conversions.

Problem: Shoe Stores needs new Website Design

When they came to Pittsburgh Internet Consulting for assistance with their recently launched e-commerce website (ShoeSpaUSA.com) our experts knew exactly what needed to be done.

PIC Services: Design a Responsive Website to Handle Increased Mobile Traffic

PIC designed a visually appealing and branded website for The Shoe Spa in 2012. The biggest obstacle The Shoe Spa faced was the responsiveness of their current website. Because mobile traffic on shoespausa.com had grown 52% from the previous year, PIC highly recommended a responsive redesign to create a more user-friendly experience for their audience. This would allow mobile users to have a much better browsing experience. 

Solutions: Mobile-Friendly Website, SEO services, PPC management, Social Media Management, Content Development

Since the responsive design launch, Shoe Spa has enjoyed a 227% increase in mobile conversions.  In addition to the website design, the Pittsburgh SEO experts optimized The Shoe Spa’s website to increase their organic traffic and assist in their sales and marketing. The work done by the team at Pittsburgh Internet Consulting contributed to a 60% increase in transactions, as well as a 40% increase in revenue.  




Pittsburgh Internet Consulting now works with The Shoe Spa to meet its online business goals through several different avenues. Since 2012, we now provide them with SEO services, PPC management, social media management, content development, and more.

Results: New Website Designs Increases Conversions

Compared to 2012, The Shoe Spa has achieved a 341% increase in sessions, a 373% increase in new users, and a 142% increase in their e-commerce conversion rate this year to date. 

Pittsburgh Internet Consulting truly values our relationship with The Shoe Spa. The team at PIC enjoys helping them to reach their business objectives and we are looking forward to achieving even higher goals in the future.

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"I have been working with Jeff Schroeffel of Pittsburgh Internet Consulting for only a year and in that time our internet sales have more than doubled. I would highly recommend his services. He sits down with me on a bi-monthly basis to review our success and propose other creative ways to increase traffic. We are able to track every dollar spent and exactly where my sales are coming from. It is like no other advertising medium. I am very excited for continued growth in the upcoming years and highly recommend Jeff''s services."

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