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Website Planning Services & RFP Development

Strategy is the first and most vital step when building a new website for your company. Creating a solid plan can mean the difference between making a mediocre or poor website versus making a true website knockout.

The planning phase maps out specifics of what is to be included in the site and objectives the company wants to fulfill. This encompasses goals, target audience, time devoted, e-commerce options and so forth. An element that is many times overlooked however, is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involvement. It is important that the website looks attractive and fine-tuned, but it is also crucial that the site is visible to customers.

Take into consideration that more than 80 percent of internet users employ major search engines for buying purposes and you quickly realize the importance of search engine visibility. Being found in engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing can create astronomical leaps in business growth.

Pittsburgh Internet Consulting recognizes the need for strong search engine optimization in conjunction with a methodically planned site structure and achievement of website goals.  We work with you to address your company requirements and map out every detail of a site that will cater to the needs of your business. Whether you choose to move into the website design phase with us, another company, or in-house, this “Blueprint” will act as the architecture to build a successful site. Contact us today and ask about our website consulting services.

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