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Inbound Marketing : Attract

Attract Strangers

Strangers are the people out there looking for our products and services.  They may not know us, but they know what they want. We want to attract these strangers to our website with SEO strategies including keyword research, consistent blogging and building great content.

Convert Visitors

Visitors are great! They engage with our content, our company and are getting to know us. If our website is designed properly, they are already prequalifying themselves. Matching their own needs to our services.  This is a great time to really engage them with something that's meaningful to them.  Something they will be willing to share information about themselves in order to get.
Inbound Marketing: Convert
Inbound Marketing: Close

Close Leads

Acquaintances are often seeking more detailed information about you and a specific service. They like you, and they want to be your friend. Now is the time to present them with an offer that is mutually beneficial. They get the services they want and need, and in exchange they give you something of equal value. 

Delight Customers

Delighting your customers turn them into champions for your business. These champions help improve your brand and authority as well as help deiver referral leads. The ultimate goal of inbound is to turn a stranger into a champion.

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Inbound Marketing: Delight
SEO Pittsburgh : Website Weather Report

SEO Website Weather Report 

If you aren't sure how we can help you, we offer a free SEO Website Weather Report. We report on the current conditions on your website and social media so that we can forecast future conditions. The free SEO Website Weather Report consists of:

  • A website ranking analysis
  • Backlinking report
  • Google indexed pages summary
  • Social reputation overview
  • Recommendations on improvement

This report is not computer generated, we have real, live weather forecasters working on your website.

Request my Weather Report

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Pittsburgh Internet Consulting has partnered with HubSpot, the world’s leading Inbound marketing and sales platform in order to capitalize on their Inbound marketing philosophy, toolset, and experience. PIC has since become more focused, more efficient, and more successful in our marketing and sales efforts than ever before. If are looking for a Pittsburgh Inbound Marketing agency to help you narrow your marketing efforts, increase your conversion rates, and elevate your brand awareness, Pittsburgh Internet Consulting and HubSpot can help you make the jump to Inbound! 

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