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Pittsburgh HubSpot Training

Improve Behavioral Buy-in and Proficiency

Pittsburgh HubSpot Training from Pittsburgh Internet Consulting helps rapid adoption of the HubSpot growth suite from strategical, technical and behavioral perspectives.


How can we help you with
HubSpot Training?

“We need to train team members on the mechanics of HubSpot and how to leverage them for efficiency.”

PIC offers a standardized training program to help your team learn the mechanics of HubSpot.


“We are struggling with adapting to HubSpot’s tools and working it into our company’s processes and procedures.”

For companies that need a more in-depth training program, we can asses your current processes and build a training program that really helps


Training From Pittsburgh’s Only HubSpot Platinum Partner

Implementing any new system can be a challenge. With the investment of HubSpot’s Growth Suite, it is important to set yourself up for success.  In order to have a successful experience with HubSpot, team buy-in is critical.

Our HubSpot training programs are tailored to achieve specific goals and are customized to your team and your company’s needs.



training-sprintHubSpot Training Sprints

We offer a variety of HubSpot training sprints that are designed to help you progress through the onboarding process. The Sprints cover technical aspects of the platform, look into your current process, suggests improvements and helps with the cultural adoption of HubSpot within your company.

Training Sprints Include:

  • CRM Fundamentals
  • Sales Enablement
  • Personal Productivity Power
  • Managing sales teams with HubSpot (or HubSpot for Sales Managers)

materialTraining Material Preparation

Once the manager meeting is complete, the curriculum is prepared based on the results of this meeting. Typically, this can be a few days or up to a week after the initial manager meeting. During this time, team members should take the extra step in learning the inbound method. We recommend that all team members begin their understanding of inbound marketing by taking the free classes offered by HubSpot through their Learning Academy.

managerManager Meeting

Each training sprint starts with a manager’s training meeting. This meeting will help us see the current internal process, adapt HubSpot as closely to your process as we can and then help shift the internal process into the HubSpot Growth Suite. It is critical the managers and leadership are on board with the training curriculum. Without buy-in from the company leaders, a successful HubSpot implementation is unlikely. Each leadership/management meeting establishes custom training goals. These are decided upon collaboratively after examining the team needs and the company’s business objectives. What will be taught and how it will be taught is discussed and agreed upon - this way, there are no surprises when team training begins.

team-trainingHubSpot Team Training

After the HubSpot training is conducted with the team. The curriculum is covered in detail with case examples of how HubSpot can be utilized to achieve the objectives of the Training Sprint. This session, while it is in a teaching format, is an open forum and questions and engagement are encouraged. Hands-on work is an essential element of these training sessions, if possible, please bring work laptops to the session.

HubSpot Training Follow-up

Once the training is complete, we follow up with leadership and management to ensure that the training was effective and the concepts are being implemented by the team. Team members will receive short email lessons and reminders about how to put into practice what was taught. If needed, additional Sprints and HubSpot portal audits are available for purchase.





HubSpot Training Sprints



HubSpot CRM Training

This sprint is Pittsburgh Internet Consulting foundational course. This sprint is perfect for you if: 

  • You’ve never used Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software before
  • You’re migrating from another CRM to HubSpot but have never used HubSpot before
  • You have multiple HubSpot users in your company and need to quickly onboard a new hire up to speed.
  • You are struggling with the implementation of HubSpot and need a company-wide back-to-basics training session to get your sales team and marketing team on the same page. 

HubSpot Sales Tools

This sprint assumes the knowledge learned in the first CRM training sprint and teaches the ways that HubSpot can streamline your sales activities. This sprint is perfect for inbound marketing and sales teams because it demonstrates how to use HubSpot to save time while reaching the prospects most likely to purchase from you. This sprint is perfect for you if:

  • You have been using HubSpot and feel you can get more out of it.
  • Using HubSpot takes up more of your time, not less.
  • You aren’t sure how to use HubSpot Templates, Documents and Snippets
  • You have questions about HubSpot tools.

Personal Productivity Power [coming soon]

This sprint examines the best way to use HubSpot for you personally. As someone who uses HubSpot every day, this sprint is perfect for you if:

  • You would like to create custom reports and understand how to leverage the information found here.
  • You would like to personalize your dashboard with reports that help with your tasks.
  • You would like more customization with information specific to your goals in HubSpot.

Managing Sales Teams with HubSpot [coming soon]

This sprint is for sales managers that are currently using HubSpot and are looking for ways to manage their sales teams more efficiently. This sprint is perfect for you if:

  • You know you should coach your sales team, but don’t know how.
  • Wish your sales team would prospect and work as hard as you do.
  • You have sales team members who haven’t bought into HubSpot yet.
  • You struggle with delegating sales task and end up doing them yourself.


Pittsburgh HubSpot Training

Are you from the Pittsburgh Area? We also offer onsite training for your sales and marketing team.

We can build a custom workshop to address the specific needs of your team.

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