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Growth Driven Design vs. Traditional Website Design

Traditional Website Design is two to three months of design based on the developer's assumptions of user behavior.  At the end of that period, you should have a website delivered that is appealing and deemed completed for the next few years.

Traditional Website Design:

  • High Upfront Cost

  • High consumption of time and resources

  • No Follow-up UX optimizations

  • Based on assumptions

  • Static for 2 Years

Growth Driven Design pushes to get a Launchpad site out within 30 days.  During the next twelve months, user interactions are monitored and the website is developed over time to maximize conversons. Website features are listed, rated, and tested for performance.

Growth Driven Design:

  • Spread out over time

  • Launch Quick & Improve

  • Data Based Decisions

  • Continuous Improvement

This approach also eliminates the need for a dramatic website launch every few years that can cause your website traffic to do this:

Analytics  Crash

Your Website is your #1 Sales and Marketing Asset

When properly cultivated your website will be the most valuable marketing and sales tool for your company. Take the time and effort to turn your website into a tool that will significantly impact your business.

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