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Pittsburgh Website Design & Development

We build clean, modern websites that bolster your sales & marketing efforts.


Different industries view the purpose and function of a website through a variety of lenses. For many organizations, a website’s primary role is to simply prove they exist (especially in the B2B realm). It functions as a line card for products and services, and it needs updated every few years to give it a more modern look. But what if your website was capable of doing more for your business?


Unlocking the Full Power of Your Website

A business’s website shouldn’t just be viewed as a showcase piece, but a front-facing sales tool that’s working for you 24/7. It’s a resource not just for your customers, but a foundational piece for your sales and marketing efforts.

Pittsburgh Internet Consulting takes this mindset into every website design and development project we tackle. We’ve been building and growing business websites since 2001, and our team has the unique ability to create stunning designs while turning your site into a lead-generating powerhouse using our Growth-Driven Design philosophy.

Our Web Design Process

Whether you’re looking for help with a B2B or eCommerce project,
PIC project managers and the design team are well-equipped to take your website to the next level.

Happy Website Design Customers


Design & Development Experts in the Leading Platforms


The HubSpot CMS provides companies with top-end site performance and flexibility of design while unlocking the full power of the HubSpot CRM, Marketing, and Sales toolsets.


The most-used CMS on the web, WordPress is an open source software platform that provides an unmatched level of freedom and flexibility for any size website project.


The most powerful eCommerce platform on the market, Shopify allows businesses of all sizes to sell their products online through a clear, easy-to-use interface.

Efficiency Through Growth-Driven Design

Growth-Driven Design replaces the traditional website development framework with a more agile solution that adapts to user behavior and website data.


MVP LaunchPad Website

Everything with Growth-Driven Design starts with the LaunchPad Website. Think of the LaunchPad website as a Minimum Viable Product. It is the foundational element that is launched quickly (usually 45-60 days). We develop a backlog of non-critical features to be handled post-launch in order to meet this shortened development timeframe, and allow your business to begin seeing the rewards of the website sooner rather than later.


Post-Launch Growth-Driven Design Sprints

After launch of the MVP LaunchPad Site, our focus shifts towards observing user behavior, making a hypothesis based on that behavior to improve user metrics, and implementing the changes on your website during regular design intervals (aka sprints).

google-john-mueller-200-2“I wouldn’t stop working on things once you think you’ve done the right thing.
But I’d continue working in that direction.”

- John Mueller, Google’s Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst

Growth-Driven Design vs. Traditional Website Development

With the traditional approach to website design, there is a considerable upfront cost, and once the site launches, there is little to no thought given to improvements to the site over time. This “set it and forget it” mentality means that your #1 Marketing Asset and #1 Sales Tool will not adapt to your business needs over the next 1-3 years.

The use of a LaunchPad Website and the agility of Growth-Driven Design allows for the quick completion of a website alongside the ability for it to evolve from observed on-site user behavior. Ultimately, it will enable us to make data-based decisions that continuously improve marketing and sales performance.


We don’t just build websites.

We design your online strategy.

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